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Posted : 27 Jan 2023
Modified : 27 Jan 2023
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Editable bootstrap 5 templates

Bootstrap is the most used responsive design framework. With bootstrap, most likely, one doesn't need to use css at all. The most important aspect is it being mobile responsive, which is huge because google likes mobile first websites.

These free bootstrap 5 templates are editable which means, you can edit the content as you like. Once done, simply download the code. This way, you don't have to manually look into the code and edit the content.

Landing Page Templates

Bootstrap 5 website template


A simple yet elegant looking website. The navbar is right aligned with logo sitting on the left, collapsible at md breakpoint. I've used the css gradient on the above the fold and made the navbar sticky top. Applied similar background to the navbar.

Bootstrap 5 elegant website design template
Bootstrap 5 website template


A clean looking webdesign appropriate for your crypto based website. Make sure to use tranparent png images for places where there is a slight teal background. The navbar might need some tinkering based on number of links you would want to put in. Completely editable template.

Cryptocurrency website built using bootstrap 5
Bootstrap 5 website template

Online education institution

Ever since the corona pandemic online education has surged and has become the new norm. So, I've decided to design a dark themed template. Edit the content and images as you like and download it using the button placed at the bottom of the page. Let me just reiterate that the images used here are not royalty free.

The background of the hero image is not editable using the editor since its a background image. You need to edit it manually inside the code.

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