QR Ticket Generator

QR tickets are growing in popularity since they can be read by smart phones. Train tickets, movie tickets, premieres and most of the private events employ this kind of ticketing to verify users with ease.

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John Doe


Valid upto 12/12/2022

Entry Time : 12:30PM

Wifi QR Code Generator

Once the code is generated, download the image and paste it at your location. A word of advice, use this for guest WIFI networks because, one can decode the the QR code very easily online and get hold of the password.

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How To Scan QR Codes

Using Smartphones (Android & Apple)

Android provides QR scans using Google lens. On newer models, they are right available in the bottom corner of the camera app and Apple has QR scan option enabled by default and if it's not, then enable it in camera options. The QR code scan is only available when the camera is in photo mode.

See the images below for a walk-through
Enable QR scan in Android part - 1

Android (Step - 1)

Enable QR scan in Android part - 2

Android (Step - 2)

Enable QR scan in Apple part - 1

Apple (Step - 1)

Enable QR scan in Apple part - 2

Apple (Step - 2)

QR Code Verification

QR code verification involves JSON Webtoken or an Encrypted string whenre upon scanning using the smart phone's camera, the string is sent to the server and the signature is verified. The most common method is JSON Webtokens.

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