About Me

I'm a fullstack developer experienced in node js (backend) and front end development.

Siva Kishore Gannavarapu - node js developer

By night, I work as CTO for a digital marketing company and by day, I am a blogger and an entrepreneur.

Website design Templates

By trade, I've designed many websites and architectured numerous projects. Worked with Wordpress, Node JS & AWS. I'm also proficient in Flutter, Android development (Java) and Vue JS.

Over the years, I grew some distaste for CMS. They are slow, needy and fussy just like a baby. It might be a great tool for bloggers out there who don't know anything about coding. But for a professional software developer like me, I beg to differ

That's why I wanted to design a blog with a node js based nginx backed website. I started it in Dec 2021 and the journey has been phenomenal ever since.

Why this niche?

This is what I'm best at or at least I can think of. I've developed many websites with the same common features like signup, sign in, forgot password, navbars etc. I was just tired of doing the routine but had to. So, I've designed this site for developers out there who can simply grab the code and erect the website in no time!

Usually, sites get recognized by search engines after 5-6 months and then get some traction. But to my surprise, I got it in month 3. I believe it's because of posting a most commonly low volume keyword. At the time of writing, I'm doing 280 clicks per 28 days. I've no other platforms like youtube or facebook that will push the users to my site and the search is completely organic.

Then I realized that no one addressed these developer's issues and thus this website.

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