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Posted : 19 Mar 2023
Modified : 29 Mar 2023
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Tailwind CSS is a complete CSS framework without any javascript that you can use to design a really modern looking website and the elements. What's really cool is how you can implement the hover and click css styles within the class. Basically, its a utility first CSS framework. Now you might ask, how it is different from Bootstrap

Tailwind and Bootstrap are both popular front-end development frameworks that provide pre-designed UI components and a set of utilities to help developers build responsive, modern websites quickly. While they share some similarities, there are some key differences between the two frameworks that make them better suited for different types of projects.

Benefits of using Tailwind over Bootstrap:

  • Customizability: Tailwind is highly customizable, which means that you can easily customize the look and feel of your website by using its utility classes. This allows you to create a unique design that matches your brand or project requirements without having to write custom CSS.

  • Smaller file size: Tailwind's utility classes are highly optimized and minimal, resulting in a smaller CSS file size. This can lead to faster load times and a better user experience.

  • More consistent design: Tailwind's utility classes are designed to be used in a consistent way across your entire project. This can help ensure that your website has a cohesive design and that your code is more maintainable.

  • Flexibility: Tailwind's utility classes allow you to easily create complex layouts and responsive designs without having to write custom CSS. This can save you time and make it easier to build complex websites.

  • Accessibility: Tailwind provides a built-in set of accessibility classes that make it easier to create websites that are accessible to people with disabilities. This can help you ensure that your website is accessible to a wider audience.

That being said, Bootstrap is still a great choice for many projects, especially if you want to quickly build a website with a consistent look and feel using pre-designed components. Ultimately, the choice between Tailwind and Bootstrap will depend on your specific project requirements and personal preferences.

Navbar Examples Designed with Tailwind CSS

All these template has a common css output.css and the navbar toggle is achieved with a simple class toggle using Javascript. Download the common CSS and JS files here

  1. Simple Navbar
  2. Navbar Centered Logo
  3. Navbar with Social Media
  4. Multi Nav with Skewed Ends
  5. Custom Vertical Navbar
  6. Neumorphic
  7. Multi Nav with Search Bar
  8. Split Navbar
  9. Navbar Bottom
  10. Skewed Navbar
  11. Scrolling New Navbar
  12. Pinterest Style Navbar
  13. Very Simple Navbar
  14. Fancy Nav Links
  15. Static Social
  16. Searchbar Navbar

1. Simple Navbar

A simple navbar with .bg-slate-800 background. The navbar collapses at md breakpoint. See how the div element with id #menu is given a hidden at md breakpoint. The menu button is given a opacity of 0.5 on hover.

Simple Navbar Tailwind CSS

4. Multiple Navbars

This is a different kind of navbar which throws some light on how to add the width as percentage in classes directly. The navbar has three section. Brand name at left and two navbars in the middle and the phone number at the end. At medium breakpoint, the middle navbar breaks into its own section which is placed below the navbar section.

Multiple Navbars - Tailwind CSS

5. Custom Vertical Navbar

A beautiful looking navbar with brand name in the middle and a topbar for website notifications. The main nav is vertical and always collapsed with a toggle button. At smaller breakpoints, the navbar looks similar but with initials for the brand name and a search icon enabled.

Custom Vertical Navbar - Tailwind CSS

6. Neumorphic

Yet again ,a simple navbar with navlinks at right and the navbar brand at the left. As usual, the navbar collapses with the hamburger icon to toggle links.

Neumorphic - Tailwind CSS

7. Multi Nav With Search bar

Perfect for an e-commerce website, this navbar features three navbars. The topbar is for compancy contact info and policy info. Middle navbar has left aligned brand logo and a right aligned search bar. The bottom bar is for categories of products.

Multi Nav with Search bar - Tailwind CSS

8. Split Navbar

A simple navbar which is split into two. The navbar has the brand at the center and a collapsible navbar is at below of that. A small logo / icon can be placed between the splitted navbar. See the image below to see how the navbar is responsive at large and smaller displays.

Split Navbar - Tailwind CSS

10. Navbar Bottom

This navbar is suitable for a gaming / sports related website. The nav elements are skewed to right and the navbr collapses at smaller sections. Click on the "Squad" link to open the submenu.

Skewed Navbar - Tailwind CSS

11. Scrolling News Navbar

This time, we have a navbar apt for a news websites. With place holders for weather, search, logo and scrolling content. Srolling content is as easy as assing a marquee elements and adjusting the attributes. The navbar collapses to three sections. See the below image.

Scrolling New Navbar - Tailwind CSS

12. Pinterest Style Navbar

Inspired from pinterest, I've designed this navbar to look just like pinterest navbar (at least at the time of writing this article). Features a large search bar in the middle since the website is majorly search type.

Pinterest Style Navbar - Tailwind CSS

13. Very Simple Navbar

A very simple navbar where the nav links are spread across the viewport width. At small screens, the brand appears and a hamburger icon for toggling the nav links. See the image below.

Very Simple Navbar - Tailwind CSS

15. Static Social

Simple navbar uptop and a static social media links on the left. The navbar collapses as normal but the logo appears with a hamburger icon to toggle nav links.

Static Social - Tailwind CSS

16. Searchbar Navbar

Another simple navbar with left aligned brand image and right aligned nav links. Features a search bar in the navbar.

Searchbar Navbar - Tailwind CSS

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