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Blog Page SVG

When To Use
Blog Schema

Blog is basically an informal content that goes as a first person speaking. The grammar is not that important. Commonly used when the author is trying to explain a scenario or speaking his/her mind without any statistics or facts to bolster the argument. The word count is anywhere between 300 to 500.

Article Page SVG

When To Use
Article Schema

As the name suggests, the content is more of a formal one and is usually backed by statistics or facts or infographics. Grammar is very important when writing an article and also include proper introduction and conclusion. The major difference between the blog post and an article is the word count which is usually over 1500.

Store/Shop SVG

When To Use
Local Business Schema

Local business is most useful for those who are a storefront business with hours of operation. Place this code on the home page or about us page. A major advantage of this schema is, it has aggregate rating which helps in creating rich snippets in search results and thus improving the user click rate.

Most of the schema generators available online, fall short of attributes that are important for SEO. For example, genre, keywords, Alternative Heading add fuel to the SEO. EZOIC, an ad network platform require these to categorize the page correctly and run it through their AI.

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