Most Beautiful HTML Email Templates That Every Business Needs


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Posted : 28 Jan 2023
Modified : 28 Jan 2023
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11+ Simple HTML Email Templates

Emails are bread and butter of every business. Till to date, email campaign is #1 marketing strategy of companies. Text emails dont look professional when connecting with the customer. In this article you will find all the starter HTML email templates available to download.

Welcome HTML Email

Businesses usually send email post user signs up. This type of email provides an introduction of the company. Typically this kind of email has the brand logo, some blurb a button to visit the website and social media links.

Template 2

Welcome Email template 2

Template 3

Welcome Email template 3

Signed up HTML Email

Signed up email is appropriate to notify the user of their sign up on your website. This type of email consists of email verification link, credentials and already submitted values.

Template 5

Signed up email tempalte 5

Template 6

Signed up email tempalte 6

Forgot Password HTML Email

As the heading suggests, this type of email deals with when the user intitiates a password reset on the website. Some companies also provide the location of the user from where he/she requested the reset. See this article on how to get the user's location.

Template 8

Forgot Password Email Template 2

Verify User HTML Email

Use this email to verify the email of the user. This is particulary useful since unverified email users can be disregarded as they are just noise.

Order Receipt HTML email

These are order receipt emails. A good practice to let the user know what he/she ordered or what is being shipped etc. Template 11 has a placeholder to add your coupons/offers etc.

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